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The notes of the A♯m7 chord
A♯, C♯, F, G♯
The scale degree of a min7 chord
1, ♭3, 5, ♭7 (♭=half step down)
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A♯m7 chord note names

Min7 chords in all keys

Cm7 chordC, D♯, G, A♯
C♯m7 chordC♯, E, G♯, B
Dm7 chordD, F, A, C
D♯m7 chordD♯, F♯, A♯, C♯
Em7 chordE, G, B, D
Fm7 chordF, G♯, C, D♯
F♯m7 chordF♯, A, C♯, E
Gm7 chordG, A♯, D, F
G♯m7 chordG♯, B, D♯, F♯
Am7 chordA, C, E, G
A♯m7 chordA♯, C♯, F, G♯
Bm7 chordB, D, F♯, A